ANZAC Day 2019 : Caboolture’s oldest wife of a returned soldier attributes being happy to long life

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ANZAC Day 2019 : Caboolture's oldest wife of a returned soldier attributes being happy to long life

We spoke with Pat (Patricia) Wise from Caboolture who is the oldest wife at 105 of a returned soldier from WW2 Harry (Harold) Wise, originally hailing from Sydney New South Wales and having grew up and got married there, later in life decided to move to Caboolture.

During the conversation the obvious question popped up as to what Pat Wise’s secret to such a long and happy life, and in no time at all the answered was clear “keep busy and keep your mind active”,

Pat went on to explain some of the things she does to keep busy such as “reading and pottering around, but her daughter won’t allow her to do any work whom she lives with, rather with the copious amounts of time Pat did say she enjoys the sun and so it is quite common to find pat in the sun enjoying the warmth these days and enjoying the good life she has with family and friends.

While we chatted many people acknowledged Pat, with that many of these people will see pat in days to come.

One subject was not talked about, sensitive to the horrors of war, that of her husband Harold, with respect to that the conversation quickly changed to something more pleasant, the happy times she shared with her husband and family.

Pat is hopeful that the youth of today will understand what ANZAC day means, but some may not but in the end at least life was good to her and is thankful with her busy long life.

Since being in Caboolture, she loves the place and calls it home.

Pat will be 106 in December this year.