Basic format for program tonight: Motor Torque: Thursday, 28 February 2019 





·       Segment 1: Panel –Steve B from Qld Motor Sports Officials Association

·       Introduction

·       Welcome to Steve Hay from QTCC ( Queensland Touring Car Championship) and Cameron Bartholomew from XL3 (Cams Series) 

·       Great to chat last Thursday with Shannon Cann ( Runs a V8 in the Queensland Touring Car Series,  started out in Karts) and Holly Espray (Runs an XL in the Track Attack Series , started out in Karts) - young female stars in the making

·       Latest news:

o   First Round of Supercars- little event in Adelaide this weekend-Adelaide 500 and then the Melbourne 400 on 14-17 March  

o   First Round of TCM 

o   GYMKHANA at Nambour Show Grounds 

o   All Aussie Day Lakeside 

o   Other


Segment 2: Interview (1) in studio: Steve Hay from QTCC (Queensland Touring Car Championship) 


Segment 3: Panel: interview follow up




Segment 4: Interview (2) in studio: Cameron Bartholomew from XL3 (Cams Series) 


Interview follow up, close and sign off



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