Motor Torque: Thursday, 21 February 2019





Segment 1: Panel

·       Introduction to Steve/studio guests

·       Studio interview with Steve B from Qld Motor Sports Officials Association

o   Brief background about yourself, how and when got involved in motor sports, other interests, typical week for you, what is so appealing about motorsports, tell us about QMSOA etc.

·       Motorsport background (GA)

·       Studio chat with:

o   Shannon Cann ( Runs a V8 in the Queensland Touring Car Series,  started out in Karts) 

o   Holly Espray  (Runs a Xl in the Track Attack Series , started out in Karts) 

(Similar questions as for Steve- brief background, how and when got involved, importance of karts, typical week etc.  




Segment 2:

·       Conclude chats

·        Latest news


Sign off

Photo Above : Steve Buchanan and The Sports Buddy

Photo Below : Sports Buddy, Holly Espray, Steve Buchanan and Shannon Cann 

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