Moreton Bay Regional Council : Trash, Treasure Tour

With National Recycling Week just around the corner, council is encouraging residents to book a free ride on Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Trash to Treasure Tour on October 22.


Council’s Waste Spokesperson Adam Hain said the tour provided residents with an opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the region’s waste initiatives at work as well as the fate of your recyclables after leaving your yellow topped bin.


“The popularity of council’s treasure markets has grown along with the popularity of renovation TV shows and the DIY craze,” Cr Hain said.


“The treasure markets are a great place to get furniture, crockery, timber, building materials, books, art and music .”   


Councillor for Division 7 Denise Sims said the tour would take in waste facilities at Dakabin including the Treasure Market.


“It’s the perfect opportunity to take your children and learn about what happens to your waste;  it’s a real eye-opener to see what happens to your recycling,” she said.


“Across the Moreton Bay Region, every year waste facilities divert thousands of tonnes of garden waste, metal, timber and other products to be recycled and reused.


“Tour guests will get an insight into where their household recyclable bin waste goes and how it is sorted into specific waste types for reprocessing and resale.


The three-hour tour starts at 9am and provides presentations, including video footage, on how your waste and recycling are managed followed by a guided bus tour of the Dakabin Waste Facility and Treasure Market.


Each family group on the tour will receive a 50% off voucher for selected items purchased at the Treasure Market. Morning tea is included.


For more information or to book your visit go to

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