Even in the toughest of times, we live in a very lucky country. It’s hard for even the poorest Australian to imagine the kinds of conditions endured by some of the world’s needy.

As Australian women reclaim our power and grow in influence, the opportunity arises for us to share support in societies where our sisters remain oppressed. Even the smallest change can create an enormous effect.

Many of us don’t see ourselves as leaders – sure, we run our businesses and manage our staff, but we’re just an ordinary person doing our job. But what if leadership was about the way we drive cultural change through small actions - actions that inspire others to greater contribution?

In this presentation, I speak of one person’s legacy: how his relatively small gift to one child is now empowering and assisting women in the slum of Kibera [Nairobi] to create cultural change through a community of support; how one person’s actions in stepping up and embracing the leader within, is inspiring change that is impacting the rates of domestic violence, alcoholism and hopelessness.

Mary will speak about:

- The physiology of generosity
- The unseen magic made by tiny actions
- How to engage a following by sharing story
- How connection and collaboration breed brilliance
- The bigger picture and the impact you can make with your living, loving legacy.

You will leave this presentation with a greater understanding of how fortunate our lives are, and of the legacy you can generate through small, simple actions today.

Mary Wong, Optimal Life Solutions

A mother of two boys, Mary says she is very invested in positive futures for our planet. Her vision is to create a global movement for positive change by empowering visionary change-leaders with the tools to drive their missions.

A leadership coach and mentor, Mary has been training and speaking nationally and internationally for 14 years. In her ‘Balloon Principle’ workshops and signature program she shares her wealth of expertise in connecting with audiences in a manner that engages and grows a following.

Mary is currently working on the ‘Balloon Principle’ book with the goal of publishing prior to Christmas. In addition to her speaking, she has been the recipient of international writing awards for fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

See and listen to Mary Wong by visiting https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/bpw-caboolture-presents-october-breakfast-with-mary-wong-tickets-49077217278?ref=ecal

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