Hard working families in Queensland deserve better from Local Government with rise of CCC investigations

It is as if its the new normal with the rise of Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) investigations in to local government operations and practices that it begs the question, do those who work rest and play in our state of Queensland with so much potential to do so much, don't we deserve much better?

Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council, The Gold Coast Council and now the third largest council the Moreton Bay Regional Council is under the microscope of the Crime and Corruption Commission and as we have all witnessed the bite in to tentacles of alleged corrupt councils do come with bite.

Ipswich City Council no longer represents its ratepayers with debate silenced, and the replacement  of councillors with an Administrator, and while the CCC continues its work it may well recommend the same for the remainder on the list that have been investigated.

However all that attention is apparently now squarely aimed up to the Moreton Bay Regional Council with the first salvo being directed at Mayoral candidate (at the next council election) and Division 12 Cr Adrian Raedel over allegations of links to a developer and alleged decisions to overturn  a planning decision as revealed by the Australian Newspaper.

Then revelations in the Brisbane Times of an alleged $20 million dollar deal that involves MBRIT allegedly being awarded a contract of 3 years without tender to run events and promote tourism for the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

In the same article it was also revealed by a former staffer that Mr Newcombe was allegedly given unfettered access to confidential council documents and then allegedly coached by a small number of councillors for a key presentation to the full council meeting on the MBRIT contract being awarded.

Did the councillors who did not coach in the first instance know of the coaching, did they all vote unanimously, where they all aware of the unfettered access by Shane Newcombe of confidential and sensitive council documents

It is understood No Councillors have declared any conflict of interest at the council closed session May 2016.

In a idealistically oriented world, for  aspiring councillors should be, to uphold the concept of democracy with the aim of making this place we live a better place then it is now, and should it not be we do this, not as a party or a block but as individuals who want nothing more then to serve in a humble manner.

It is an admirable thought, however after having observed the proceedings of the Crime and Corruption Commission there has been with regard to councils, a number notable things that seem to repeatedly come out to the public, that being money and power.

For the daily punter paying rates and taxes it might come as a thought bubble "Do aspiring councillors go in to the election process with corruptible thoughts in their minds or does this happen after they are elected?"

With the public spotlight on them and ultimately the ordinary punter is punished again, paying twice, once to the councils through rates and then again through taxes the funding of the CCC.

Clearly we are not in a idealistic perfect world, but for the punter out there working hard to make their lives as good as it can be and paying twice for something is as bad as making the same mistake time and time again, eventually the mistakes have to stop or be stopped.



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