Where’s the cheapest servo in town? find out in December

Queensland motorists will be able to find the cheapest fuel in town on their smartphone from December.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham today announced the government would kick off its two-year fuel price reporting trial in December.

“From December, Queenslanders will start to see price changes on their smartphones within 30 minutes of a price change at the bowser,” Dr Lynham said.

“The goal is for Queensland motorists to be able to identify the best deal, and use their buying power to support retailers who are doing the right thing,” he said.

“This trial seeks to put the power into customer’s hands.

“Retailers will have three months’ grace to get their houses in order and by the Easter holidays, offenders will face fines if they do not report their fuel prices accurately and on time.”

The two-year trial will see fuel prices published on existing smartphone apps and websites such as Motormouth, GasBuddy, PetrolSpy, RACQ and Compare the Market.

The trial comes on top of the what you see is what you pay  laws that require retailers to display full prices, rather than conditionally discounted offers, on their fuel boards.

Dr Lynham said the system would have in-built safeguards against inaccurate or misleading pricing and not inflict unnecessary red tape. The government will evaluate the trial’s performance in 2020.

“The Palaszczuk Government has always been focussed on developing a model that doesn’t create so much red tape that it is unworkable and pushes prices up,” he said.

“In contrast to the LNP’s proposed scheme, this system will be cost effective and will not compete against commercial providers with its own fuel price app or website.

“We will not slug taxpayers with a price tag of up to $20 million and we will not punish fuel retailers with additional red tape that drives up the price of petrol.  

“The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission has found the extent to which motorists are being ripped off.

“The most effective way to fix this national issue would be for the Turnbull Government to give the ACCC the powers to act on its findings.”

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