South East Queensland to get potential of substantial rain over the weekend

A weather system is expected to travel across Australia from the west from Friday through to Sunday which will impact on New South Wales and Queensland.

Getting on possible falls of 40mm in Brisbane and as much as 80mm in northern NSW and 65mm into the Gold Coast.

For the entire month of August so far Brisbane has received 3mm.

During August, Brisbane sees just shy of 30mm of rain so this weekend’s weather could well exceed that. Only 0.8mm of rain has fallen on the Gold Coast so far in August — well below the 43.4mm average.

It is anticipated that Moreton Bay Region will receive roughly the same rain as Brisbane, however The Sunshine Coast will get less then that total.

Western NSW and Western parts of Queensland will not get much significant rain where the Farmers are at crisis point for rains.

Inland areas of southern Queensland could have a low pressure system squatting right above them which would bring rain, but also hail, strong winds and severe thunderstorms.

As with these rain events it is not uniform in intensity so for example Toowoomba could get 60mm and Ipswich 10mm or even more localised.

Most of the rain will impact Moreton Bay Region on Saturday and Sunday.

This rain event will travel east to north east and will eventually keep going out to sea.

By Monday back to Warm sunny days of 27c




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