Motorcycle safety for Queensland Road Safety Week

A motorcycle accident happens in a flash, but the aftermath is traumatic.

The faster you go, the harder you hit – and on a bike, you’ll always come off second‐best.

The only thing speeding gets you closer to is a crash.

In 2017, 50 motorcyclists died and 953 were hurt or seriously injured in crashes on Queensland roads.

Injuries can be serious and life-changing, with long and difficult recoveries.

This Queensland Road Safety Week, we are urging all motorcyclists to remember the motorcycle Fatal Five: speed, fatigue, drugs and alcohol, distractions and gear and maintenance.

At 80km/h you travel 44m in just 2 seconds, so always stay focused and leave time and space to react.

Riding tired affects reaction times and impairs judgement. Take a break or don’t get on the bike if you’re tired.

Look after yourself and look after your bike. The right gear and regular maintenance can save your life.

Ride to be seen and don’t assume you’re visible to everyone.

Lane filtering is legal, remember to be safe and follow the road rules.

Motorcycle riders must hone their ‘sixth sense’ – that unique instinct for reading the road, conditions and potential hazards.

Stay focused, stay in control and stay safe.




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For more information about Queensland Road Safety week, including factsheets, and to find out what events are on in your local area, visit the Join The Drive website.


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