Palaszczuk Government rescues Neighbourhood Watch

The Palaszczuk Government has come to the rescue of Neighbourhood Watch delivering the annual funding this vital community organisation needs to continue its good work.

The Palaszczuk Government’s funding commitment stands in stark contrast to the Newman Government’s financial bungling.

“The Newman Government promised to fund Neighbourhood Watch but didn’t bother to include the funding as a budget item,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said.

“It was left to the Queensland Police Service to pick up the pieces.

“QPS ending up providing the entirety of the Neighbourhood Watch funding.

“But over time the growing financial demands of modern policing made this untenable.

“The new funding arrangement announced today guarantees Neighbourhood Watch can keep making Queensland a safer place.

“Through efficiencies delivered by the Public Safety Business Agency the PSBA has advised it can provide Neighbourhood Watch with $125,000 annually.

“Combined with a $75,000 contribution from the Queensland Police Service this will deliver  Neighbourhood Watch its $200,000 annual budget.

“On top of the annual funding the Premier’s Department  has provided a grant of $33,000 to support the Neighbourhood Watch annual conference.

“The Government’s funding commitment comes at a special time for Neighbourhood Watch which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary.

 “The Palaszczuk Government will always support organisations that make a difference and make Queensland a better place,” Minister Ryan said.

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