Free Wi-Fi switched on at Caboolture Hospital so families can stay connected

It’s now much easier for patients and visitors at Caboolture Hospital to stay connected with free Wi-Fi recently switched on throughout the busy hospital.


Executive Director Dr Lance Le Ray said the exciting new addition to Caboolture Hospital would help patients stay up-to-date on what's happening with their treatment and at home.


"Just like so many other locations such as cafés and libraries, anyone at the hospital can now jump online using their smart phone, tablet, lap top or device in seconds,” Dr Le Ray said.


“Many people stay connected these days using email or internet apps such as Facebook and Messenger, which are all available using the new free Wi-Fi service.


"However, hospitals can be a place where some people may feel isolated from the outside world. Contact with family and friends can really lift a person’s spirits and provide a welcome respite from treatment.


“This new initiative can also provide great peace of mind for patients who may have been rushed to hospital or staying longer for treatment.


“Best of all, it is completely free for all users and you don’t have to provide personal details such as an email address or other information to get online.”


The new service is an offshoot of the hospital's Wi-Fi infrastructure and has been switched on at no cost to the hospital, patients or visitors. It is also available at RBWH, Redcliffe Hospital and The Prince Charles Hospital.


Look for the ‘QH-FreeWiFi’ network on your device and follow the prompts to get online.


“Free Wi-Fi is another example of how we continue to build a better hospital for the Caboolture community,” Dr Le Ray said.


For more details, check the terms and conditions of use before you log-on.

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