Bob Carroll today chats about where Farm fantastic is today with the hard work and planning from the previous 12 months, just as it has been done for this annual event since he took control of Farm Fantastic 3 years ago.  Keen to keep this hugely popular and successful with a strong vision of growth and innovation as well as back bone element of bring the event back to the farmer and rural producer.

So successful is that formula that it is the premier field day event on the Queensland Calendar with keen interest from stakeholders from right across the nation.

Bob Carroll has an interesting story also based on that same tenacious and meticulous work ethic, indeed every detail is crafted and nothing is short cut to result, in a successful finished product which today is Australian Events Farm Fantastic quite simply a success story.

From humble beginnings in 1987 husband and wife Bob and Gai Carroll have built the Toowoomba-based business into one of Nation’s largest event management companies. Indeed there would be very few people in Queensland who haven’t been to an Australian Events’ show or expo and very few businesses throughout Australia who haven’t had contact with the company.

Bob and Gai’s first foray into events was a Travel Expo in Queen’s Park in conjunction with Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers. The Toowoomba Autumn Home Show followed and the rest is history.

Today, the company organises fifteen consumer and industry events across Queensland, in all major centres including its home base as well as the Gold Coast, Redcliffe, Nambour, Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Maryborough, Rockhampton and the Sunshine Coast.

The events profile housing and household goods/services, outdoor living, leisure, caravans, camping, outdoor adventure, boating, fishing, motoring and 4×4 as well as industry-based resources, mining, transport, trades, infrastructure and manufacturing.

200,000 patrons/delegates attend Australian Events’ shows and expos each year. Bob and Gai are passionate about local communities and local economies. They see their events as vehicles to stimulate local trade, profile local business by reinforcing the “Shop Local. Buy Local.” message and by promoting community engagement.

The economic impact of the company’s activities is difficult to calculate but if you consider its investment in local labour, contractors, venue and equipment hire, advertising and marketing, transport, accommodation and hospitality it would run into millions of dollars.

Today Bob and Gai are assisted in their goals by a long-serving management team and many more permanent office staff and casual event staff across Queensland.

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