2,239 families in Longman set to be worse off under the Turnbull-Hanson coalition's child care package

The Federal Member for Longman, Susan Lamb MP, is hearing growing community concerns  over the Turnbull Government’s secret hit list, which reveals 2,239 families in Longman will be worse off under its new child care package come July 2.


Ms Lamb said “With the help of Pauline Hanson and One Nation, these measures have unfortunately been allowed to pass the Senate, impacting on thousands of families earning a household income of less than $65,710.”


Under the Government’s package, families will have to satisfy a complex set of rules to qualify for government assistance – with a work test and a means test set to hit vulnerable families the worst. The work test will require families to satisfy minimum levels of ‘approved activities’ each fortnight – which will knock thousands of low income families out of the system.


Ms Lamb said “I’ve fielded a number of concerns from our local child care providers who are telling me that they’re worried about parents who are casually employed. These parents have no guaranteed hours of work which could mean that their subsidies are cut.”


“In one of the centres that I spoke to, 30 per cent of the children enrolled are in the Child Safety system and being looked after by a guardian, such as a grandparent who is retired and no longer working. What happens to families in these situations? Are Turnbull and Hanson just going to hang them out to dry?”


This new slug on families is on top of the 18 per cent growth in fees (to March 2017) since the election of the Liberal Government – which means families are on average paying over $2,000 more a year.

Members of the Longman community have labelled the Turnbull-Hanson coalition as ‘out-of-touch’, recently claiming credit for an increase in fees and paving the way for a new childcare package which leaves over 2,239 families in Longman worse off.


“Turnbull and Hanson have delivered yet another blow to our community. The median weekly family income in Longman is $1,430 – that’s $304 behind the national average. These are families that are struggling with flat wages growth, insecure employment and hikes in their electricity, education and health bills.”

Labor has a proud record in early education and child care reform, including;

  • Reducing the financial burden of child care on families with increases to the child care rebate from 30 to 50 per cent of out of pocket costs
  • Increased the child care subsidy to $7,500
  • Invested $970 million to create universal access to preschool for 4 year olds in partnership with the States and Territories.

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  1. Brett T Reply

    Dad is a Pensioner, Mum had her chance at gaining a tuition course thwarted by an incompetent campus staff member. So there goes any chance of keeping our little girl in daycare. It is not possible for our family to cover child care fees if we lose subsidies, and our up & coming ‘underprivileged children’ will continue to have their little innocent personalities unprepared for the Kindergarten, and the social world. Life is hard enough for them having little to do at home, and being constantly stuck at home, without stripping away the mere two days per week our children get at daycare. Our little girl’s baby sister may not get to experience daycare at all next year because on top of loosing daucare subsidies, our family has been painted into a corner, and displaced by a public school’s dishonest actions, and upper government department that rolls it all over, and sets out catchment management plans that force families to go broke, and break up, in order to get a child back into school. This means there will be no time for work or study for us, nor funding to pull any hat tricks. We are sinking into debt now. No more social outlet for innocent children, for they are disadvantaged! We simply can’t afford to compensate, as like many families, we are buckling under the pressure of living, and much of what we endure today has been a hand we have been forced to play. We have one child with ‘special needs,’ and we have no back bone to support us through anything until he is diagnosed. Loss of daycare funding is another kick in the pants, and deepens our demise. Hanson’s ideals ure ruthless, and lack foresight for the social implications, nor do they take into account the diverse family situations. Everything is so cut, and dry to her, even simplistic. She would have us call a spade a spade, and dig our own hole. Turnbull is out of touch with families. We very much feel the loss of $1,500pa, very much. Now this. What more cuts are coming for families? Is there compassion?

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