Safety alert: Bicycle Queensland urges riders to check insurance

Thousands of uninsured Queensland bike riders are at risk of being left significantly out-of-pocket in the event of an accident, prompting Bicycle Queensland to call for greater consumer awareness of insurance for cyclists.


More than 800,000 Queenslanders are estimated to ride a bike each week, although only a small fraction of riders take out insurance coverage to provide protection against third-party damages and personal injury.


CEO of Bicycle Queensland, Anne Savage, urged all bike owners to check their coverage.


“Over half of all Queensland homes have access to a bicycle, although many may not realise they don’t have adequate insurance coverage for accidents and injuries,” Ms Savage said.


“Our estimates suggest that tens of thousands of everyday bike riders have no public liability or personal accident insurance, leaving riders exposed to risks of large pay-outs should an accident occur.


“We have one of the most cycle-friendly environments in the world, but without insurance even minor collisions can prove costly.


“We assist hundreds of Queenslanders each year when accidents occur – but many riders don’t realise they are uninsured until after an incident has happened.


“Comprehensive rider insurance is critical to community cycling - it helps to minimise the potential financial hardship that families could face in the event of a minor accident or collision.


“Queenslanders who have questions about rider insurance can go to or call us on 3844 1144 – rider insurance gives all road users greater peace of mind.”


Spokesperson for McInnes Wilson’s Cycle Law division, Emily Billiau, said insurance was essential for cyclists.


“Rider insurance provides vital protection for third-party property damage and injury when the rider is at fault, as well as riders’ non-Medicare medical costs and loss of income in the event of an accident.


“The good news is that public liability and personal accident insurance are affordable, at less than $100 a year for cyclists, and are well within the reach of most individuals and families.


“It’s important that Queenslanders have access to full insurance protection and legal assistance, so that they understand their rights and entitlements.


“Comprehensive insurance coverage and expert legal advice is the only way to ensure the best possible outcomes for all Queensland bike riders while continuing to grow cycling participation.”

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