Play it safe when packing away your Christmas lights

Plenty of people will be packing away Christmas lights this weekend and, according to Energex, storing them properly gives them the best chance of being in good shape for the next festive season.


Energex’s Community Safety Manager Aaron Smith said taking a little extra time to pack and store lights correctly will greatly reduce the risk of them becoming damaged and in the long run save the homeowner money.


“Christmas lights are quite sensitive appliances that can be easily damaged when they are being moved around,” he said.


“Their wiring can be cut and exposed and bulbs broken without you knowing presenting a hidden electrical safety hazard when you go to install them next Christmas.


“However, by following a few simple tips you can give your lights and other electrical decorations new life for the next Christmas and they include:


  • Look for any damage on the lights when packing them up
  • Use empty Christmas wrapping paper cardboard rolls to roll the lights around ready for storage
  • Put lights in an airtight plastic storage box if they are kept in the shed otherwise being kept in a cardboard box inside the home is fine
  • Store lights in a high and dry place to ensure they are not affected by moisture or rodents and make sure the storage area does not regularly get too hot
  • Ensure children cannot get hold of them during the year.


Most importantly Mr Smith said if you find a fault in your Christmas lights it’s best to either have it repaired by a licenced electrical contractor or if and doubt throw it out.

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