Terra Australis Productions test electrical shark deterrent

Terra Australis, a leading underwater production company, have added to their historical testing of shark deterrent devices by testing Shark Shield’s new surfing product with astonishing results. Their latest production released on 6 September 2017 demonstrates never seen before efficacy of the personal shark deterrent.   

Designed specifically for surfers, the drone footage captured shows 100% of sharks immediately turning and staying away when the unit was in activation mode.  

Johnny Debnam, Terra Australis Creative Director says, “There are a lot of myths about shark deterrents and over the years we have continually tested the various shark deterrents that have been released around the world and I have to say, the new Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf hits the mark and works like no other.” “52% of all shark fatalities in Australia are surfers and lethal methods such as shark culling, nets and drum lines are not the solution to protecting surfers and our environment”. 

Terra Australis recently tested the new shark deterrent designed for surfers in a remote location known for significant shark activity with multiple species including Bull and Whaler sharks. The results of the test can be viewed here.  

As one of the most respected underwater creative teams in the world, Terra Australis’ mission is to light up the world through film. “We hope that our testing of personal shark deterrents shows surfers they can enjoy the ocean without a fear of sharks” adds Debnam.  

About Terra Australis Productions: Terra Australis Productions create innovative and boundary pushing techniques of filming that provide a leading edge in the creation of films that touch, inspire and captivate audiences globally.

Films and footage they have produced have been broadcast on the Discovery Channel, Australian National TV Channels 7, 9 & GWN.

They have over 2. 9 Million views from online videos produced by the Terra team, and have been featured globally on radio channels, ABC, JJJ and the New York Times to name a few.  

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