"It's Time", Federal politicians got to know themselves and the constitution

Just how long does it take for Federal politicians to take responsibility, for the position they are in?. Sworn in, after they are elected to uphold the Constitution of Australia,  just how serious do they take that oath?

Should voters and the media have higher expectations that candidates who go for the high office as members of the Australian Parliament be it the lower or upper house, do so with the full knowledge that they are candidates who have done all of their home work and preparedness to be a candidate.

We assume all members of Parliament have undertaken their responsibility seriously when they first became a candidate in every election since we became a Commonwealth.

One should never assume right ?

We are a nation of immigrants that is a fact, its part of our collective DNA.

Most of us are happy to admit, where our parents or grandparents came from as part and parcel of conversation in family get together events

Minds can now cast back when a whistle-blower released details that Senator Scott Ludlam was a dual national of both Australia and New Zealand on July 15, 2017.

That whistle-blower was experienced Perth barrister, Dr John Cameron who single-handedly was responsible for obtaining the proof that Senator Ludlam still holds New Zealand citizenship and is therefore ineligible for Federal politics under section 44 of the Constitution.

That single event sent us into a reality spectacle  that rivals anything TV dishes out.

There would be very few people alive right now that could lay claim to witness the birth of this great nation and home we call Australia and when the Constitution of Australia was first legally binding.

However that date is well recorded as January 1, 1901 and simple maths would suggest that it's been in existence for 116 years 11 months and 5 days at the time of writing this article and still going strong at keeping order in the way this nation is run.

Consider since then there has been major legislation that has defined how independent Australia is, such as the Statute of Westminster 1931 and its subsequent adoption Acts passed by Canberra, The Australian Citizenship Acts and amendments of 1948, 1973, 1984 and 2007 as well as the Australia Act 1986.

Since July 15, 2017 there has been referrals to the High Court of Australia which collectively has been known as the "Citizenship Seven" which on the 27th of October, Three months after Senator Scott Ludlam resigned, when it disqualified Barnaby Joyce, Fiona Nash, Larissa Waters, Scott Ludlam and Malcolm Roberts from Parliament.

The High Court ruled effectively to maintain the status quo you can not be an dual national and be a federally elected representative of the Parliament of Australia, with no differentiation of whether you knew or not and for not taking steps to renounce fully before nomination.

There has since been the sensational Senator Jacqui Lambie resignation for the same dual national issue.

We are now in December clearly almost month and a bit after the "Citizenship Seven" decision and six months after Scott Ludlam resigned and that reality spectacle we wrote about earlier continues to entertain us with a fresh batch that will be off to the High Court.

Now Labor senator Katy Gallagher has requested that she be referred to the High Court, and so it goes others may join her for example the ALP's Josh Wilson, Susan Lamb, David Feeney and Justine Keay — along with crossbencher Rebekha Sharkie and Liberal MPs Nola Marino, Julia Banks, Jason Falinski and Alex Hawke.  For some of these names there has been revelations out there in the public space since the original "Citizenship Seven"  were referred to the High Court.

Question has to be asked why our politicians are not thorough enough with such matters before they nominated, and to follow on after the enormous publicity and media coverage of this very issue, why are we still getting members of parliament still coming out of the wood work and being referred.

It would appear that every candidate in the Federal election gets or has a copy of the constitution and for good reason they if elected will be expected to Swear and Oath which in short uphold the laws of this land which by its nature includes the constitution, even in state elections it was noted and observed candidates had a Federal Constitution.

So there appears to be no shortage of Constitutions, with a nation full of people from virtually every nation on earth represented by heritage with off spring resulting, many of which grow up have a go at politics at various levels

While local Councilors and State MP's are exempt from the dual national restriction, in Canberra under Section 44 there are no excuses.

How many times did we hear " I didn't know..", "I sent requests to check after...." or  "I didn't think i was ..", ignorance is no excuse and one should never assume anything.

And by the way that  reality spectacle we referenced earlier, we may get lucky and have a third installment in 2018

Which leaves some final questions by which we will simply have  see what 2018 has in store on how many more will have to make their pilgrimage to the High Court.

While we are at it count up just how much wastage of money is spent on this issue when candidates and political parties could have done a better job at vetting.

Maybe just maybe in future, candidates will take note of their heritage, do their homework and perhaps in their preparation, read the whole Constitution, after all that, decide with clear conscious, if they have what it really takes to being a member of Federal Parliament then and only then have a go, be genuine and serious about the commitment you are about to make.

Since July 15, 2017 Federal Parliament has been reduced to nothing more then a disorganised, disoriented and distracted place with far more important issues facing our nation and the world in which we live in, which has its own chaos that will undoubtedly affect our nation in one way or another in 2018.

It's Time Federal Parliament got its act together and start to govern from on all sides of politics, governing for the future of Australia for all Australians.

It's time candidates got their back bone in order to be serious in their approach in aspirations of becoming a member of parliament and not assume a single thing.

We do expect more then the reality spectacle we are getting

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