Be Safe Be Prepared while boating this summer

Summer is a time to enjoy the good times with family and friends and this applies to both on land as well as on the water.

Wether it is on the open sea, along our awesome coastline or on inland rivers or lakes the same rules apply to ensuring you enjoy the time on the water in a safe way.

Key to that is boaties are being urged to have a plan before you go out on the water, during and when you return to shore and go home.

Safety precautions is the best place to start with that it is imperative safety equipment was checked before launch.

Often the case if your boat hasn’t been used for a while then you might want to consider replacing any fuel that has been sitting in the tank, Some inflatable life jackets need to be serviced, and if they haven’t then it can be an offence.

You also need to make sure equipment such as flares and Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons are up-to-date and working.

“You should also have a torch on board (your phone doesn’t count as a torch) and make sure you have the correct lights if you’re going to be using your boat at night.

It is a good idea to consider joining their local coastguard, and if not at least you should always let them know as well as letting other people know what time you’re heading off and what time you’re expecting to be back.

The weather at best of times can be unpredictable so its a must to check the weather and winds both before you go and while you are out on the water as there is normally some mobile service in (Moreton Bay).”

Now safety tips include:

■ Flares on board and up-to-date

■ EPIRB on board, in date and registered

■ V-Sheet on board

■ Life jackets available for everyone on board  

■ Navigation lights working, up to standard

■ Fire extinguisher for vessels longer than 5m

For more details visit Maritime Safety Queensland at

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