Fixed line users in Bribie Island and Ningi urged to avoid disconnection as copper era comes to an end

The end of a telecommunications era is now just over two weeks away and Bribie Island and Ningi locals are being urged to act now to avoid being disconnected.


Telstra Area General Manager for Central QLD, May Boisen, said the retirement of copper services in parts of Bribie Island and Ningi was entering its final phase and residents and businesses still using copper services in the region needed to connect to nbn™’s fibre network to avoid disconnection of their fixed line phone service.


“Traditional copper-based phone, data and internet services will be switched off in the first parts of the region from 13th October,”` Ms Boisen said.


“Customers in the region who are yet to switch to the NBN must act now to avoid any potential disruption to their landline and broadband services, so our message is very clear: ‘please get your order in today’.


Ms Boisen said the general feedback from Telstra customers who have already made the switch to NBN was that they were enjoying faster speeds and could do more online with less buffering.


“The arrival of superfast broadband is great news for the Bribie Island and Ningi community and helps to keep locals at the forefront of technology in Australia,” she said.


“The NBN is opening up new possibilities for our customers including home automation, faster streaming and less buffering.”


Fixed line services remain an important way for many Australians to stay connected with family and friends, with Telstra customers making more than 1.6 billion fixed line calls last financial year*.


“A majority of our remaining customers yet to move across to the NBN only have a landline service at present and once copper network services are disconnected, their fixed line phone will need to be connected to the NBN via a modem, rather than the traditional socket on the wall,” Ms Boisen said.


“Some customers still believe that voice services won’t be affected by the switch to the NBN, so we are encouraging community members to check in on loved ones and elderly neighbours to make sure they are fully prepared for the impending disconnection of copper services.”


“We’re here to answer any last-minute questions the community might have. Staff are specially trained and available to take people through the different NBN phone, broadband and bundle options and to book their connection,” Ms Boisen said.


What residents and businesses need to do if they’re yet to move to the NBN


The majority of residents will be well aware of the upcoming NBN switch-over, with most Telstra customers yet to move receiving as many as 20 notifications including letters, personal home visits and phone calls from Telstra.


Telstra customers who are yet to make the switch to NBN are encouraged to:


  1. Consider their fixed phone and broadband needs.
  2. Immediately place an NBN order by visiting their local Telstra store or Telstra Business Centre, or by calling 1-800-T-FIBRE (personal customers) or 1800 659 616 (business customers). Customers using a medical alarm or alert (or their family member, carer or friend) should also record their medical alarm on the nbnTM Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 or completing the online form at


As a precaution, Telstra landline customers who are yet to place an order to move to the NBN will continue to be able to make outgoing calls to Triple Zero and Telstra customer service numbers for up to 10 business days following their disconnection date.


To find out more about a tailored Telstra NBN plans, drop into your local Telstra store at Shop 34B Bribie Island Shopping Centre, 54 Hornsby Road, Bellera; visit Telstra’s website or phone 1800 TFIBRE (1800 834 273). 


*Telstra 2016 NBN market overview

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