Kylie Burford wraps up the successful Spiders Boxing Tournament on 101.5 2017-08-07

Kylie Burford wraps up the successful Spiders Boxing Tournament with success and raising dollars and exposure to all that great about boxing in Caboolture.

A packed hall witnessed some of the top up and coming fighters from Caboolture and region take up the challenge from fighters from as far away as north Queensland and New South Wales.

Originally billed 21 round afternoon and evening, was regrettably shortened to 19 due to late illness, however the crowd was spirited and vocal over every round that played out.

Several exhibition matches were also run on the evening showcasing great talent including Tameriah Barney-Sandy (All Stars) vs Tianah Potter (Spiders) and the highly anticipated Darren Grimwade and Moreton Bay Regional Councellor (Spiders) vs Ben Hussein (Spiders) was welcomed ring side by Div 3 Cr Adam Hain enthusiastically popular with the crowd.

Plenty of raffle prizes were awarded during the night however it was the surprise visit by the original Mr Spider him self Jock Duncan who kicked started Spiders Boxing Club over 20 years ago and was inspired by the Spiders Boxing club in Edinburgh Scotland.

Mr Duncan who came dressed in his family kilt got the chance to thank everyone for their support and to receive a special life member award in the centre ring which was a memorable and emotional moment for Mr Spider.

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