Alex Tselios from The Big Smoke on 101.5 2017-08-29

Alex Tselios from The Big Smoke with Rosemary Worthington.  The Big Smoke is one of Australia’s leading opinion sites (and has recently launched in the USA) with writers from all walks of life including household names, politicians, influencers and every-day Australians.

  • Two Lies and a Truth: Are robbers using rubber bands to break into homes? According to Facebook, they are. The Big Smoke investigates into whether or not this is even possible. We look at whether a 1950’s TV show included a character called Trump who promised to build a wall in order to prevent the end of the world and did a Florida man turn himself in for killing his imaginary friend?


  • Worried about your child’s obsession with video games? Perhaps they have a future as an unmanned pilot! New research has looked into the way video games can impact someone’s ability to take part in a simulated flight as it can affect their accuracy, confidence and judgement levels. It could very well be that such video games can help potential employees become even better simulated pilots as automation becomes a focus for many industries. Great mews for those who don’t want to leave their game room and are worried about future job prospects.


  • Have you ever felt guilty for a crime you did not commit? Recently, a team of lawyers and statisticians found that around 20% of those charged with a crime in 2015 were based on false memories and false confessions. Why? Apparently false memories are surprisingly common with many feeling overwhelmed with guilt over things they did not do. The Big Smoke also looks into ‘impact memories’, with research claiming that it only takes 3 hours for people to generate detailed false memories as an interviewer introduces a few false details, leading the person to believe they have committed the crime.


  • Would you visit North Korea for a holiday? A major tour company in Moscow are trying to promote North Korea as the ultimate holiday destination, even claiming it is one of the most closed countries in the world. The Big Smoke goes through the tour offerings which include visits to a farm, walks in the mountains while also discouraging interaction with locals.


  • Is Apple really the most innovative phone company? Motorola is trying to up their game by filing a patent, which will mean their phone screen has the ability to repair themselves. The touch sensitive display may be damaged, but the patent will mean that once activated, the screen heats up and repairs cracks in the glass. The Big Smoke looks at the technology and what it could mean for self-healing phones, and why LG wasn’t able to do it despite big talks back in 2013.


  • Would you be mad at your partner if they had a relationship with a robot? According to 40% of those surveyed in the UK, they do not see it as cheating. The Big Smoke enters the weird world of robots and what it means for relationships. In fact, 39% of those surveyed believe robots will eventually be the main relationships we have in the future - with human style emotions and all.

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