Economist Jodie Nolan speaks with Rosemary Worthington.

Jodie's new book Surviving the Storm is one of the most talked about books this year.

Jodie Nolan, mother of two, author and financial advisor with over 15 years of experience lost her millions in Australia's largest financial collapse. She has learnt to rebuild her wealth and is empowering others with knowledge about money management with her book 'Surviving the Storm'.

Surviving the Storm provides the building blocks to help Australian families, women, singles and retirees re-build their wealth or start from scratch. It offers advice and tips from an expert who has experienced both sides of the fence - great wealth and financial loss. This easy to read book provides a very real account of money management in today's world


Jodie Nolan has been called one of Australia’s most admired and respected financial experts. With a Masters in Applied Finance from QUT, Jodie is a best-selling author, corporate presenter and the mastermind behind the EQUIS Group’s revolutionary approach to financial education. Her passion for finance and talent for communicating the often arduous jargon has made her highly sought after for various business or networking groups and individual coaching.  

Jodie is passionate about improving financial literacy amongst individuals of all ages and small business communities. In line with this, Jodie established EQUIS Group - a 'no strings attached, no sales and no jargon' business that allows people the opportunity to learn the financial basics in a non-pressured, affordable and easy to understand forum. Jodie will arm you with the knowledge and confidence to speak with your accountants, financial advisors and legal specialists with the right questions to ask, and the peace of mind that you understand more about your own financial situation and what you need from them.

With over 20 years extensive experience and a Master’s education, Jodie is author of two best-selling books ‘Read My Lips’ and ‘Surviving the Storm’ and is a contributing columnist and expert panel for numerous financial publications. Jodie believes the key to a person’s financial success involves being adequately educated, and she strives hard to change the face of Australia’s financial literacy issues one event at a time. Jodie’s lifelong ambition is to make money fun, easy to manage and inspire the next generation to take action now.

Finance is not everyone’s cup of tea and in today’s economic uncertainty, families and businesses are doing it really tough. Now more than ever, there is more focus on cost of living, global markets and family finances. There is an insatiable need for unbiased information about all things money from our economic situation today, to future investment concerns and global financial matters.  Jodie’s expertise and knowledge encapsulates all areas of finance from debt reduction, budgeting and cash flow management, through to complex superannuation, property and share investing strategies and her bright personality endears her to everyone she meets.

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Jodie brings her passion and knowledge to the stage like no other financial expert can. Experienced and knowledgeable, Jodie has a gift for communicating the psychology behind a person’s monetary issues, inspires belief that they really can change their situation and provides the tools and know-how to do so.

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