Pets !! The Winter Burn Warning to residents in the Moreton Bay Region

Pet owners need to be extra vigilant regarding pet safety around heaters and fires during the cooler months.

It’s no surprise that pets simply love curling up in front of any heating source. Keeping pets at a safe distance from fires and heaters is paramount to avoid injury as burns can happen quickly and be rather painful.

“Open fires and log fires are the most dangerous for pets as the glass on the front of the fire can reach extreme temperatures,” not to mention our hot drinks are a magnet for their wagging tails.


Use a fire guard for log fires.

Use a baby-gate or pen for stand-alone heaters.

Train your dog to stay a safe distance from the heating source.

Keep hot drinks out of reach of swishing tails and curious noses.

Always supervise pets around heating and turn it off when not around.

Do not use hot water bottles for pets.

Be careful using electric heating pads. Follow the manufactures instructions and do not use if damaged or faulty.

Keep pets away from cleaning and garden chemicals.



If your pet does suffer a burn is it vital you seek veterinary treatment quickly. Burns can take up to 48hours to show their full extent, and your pet will be in a lot of pain during this time.

Put any flames out quickly and turn of the power if a heater is involved.

Do not use ice or any ointments

Cool the area with a sterile wet cloth

Get to the vet immediately


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