Ken Bradely From Crimestoppers chats with Rosemary Worthington

Condolences to the Police Officer Sen Con. Forte killing in the line of duty this week

Caboolture Show Starts 9-11 Of June and Crime stoppers will have a stand near Gate 10 a money tree will be on display as part of the raffle.

Thursday 8 June Crime stoppers at Gloria Jeans with a display this is a bi monthly event so you can get to know how you can help crime Stoppers.

Neighbourhood watch My watch has 20 Year anniversary  and Caboolture  10 are holding their 25 Year Anniversary in conjunction with The Moreton Bay Regional Council at Dixon park Sunday 2 July.

Crime Stoppers are always available 24 Hours a day on 1800 333 000.

or via the website


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