Dennis Brennan on Queensland Sports Museum progress on Sport 101.5 2017-06-18

Dennis Brennan  from the Queensland Sports Museum progress hopeful opening in 12 to 18 months with the creme of over 100 sports will be recognised at this new museum.

Land has been obtained but the challenge now is the funding and grants will make a huge impact on it being constructed on time

A Virtual Reality component will make a landmark 21 century part of the museum but memorabilia, photos and equipment will also be part of the static displays.

Museum and Gallery's Queensland are being approached for assistance in staffing qualified catalogers, curators and directors for this new museum.

Volunteers will also be needed for the massive job in making the museum living and breathing dynamic museum.

Official Ambassadors have also been appointed.

More details on the website from there donations can be submitted and links to progress and needs for the proposed new museum.

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