Bob Carroll Director Farm Fantastic stoked at the first day Of Farm Fantastic 2017

Bob Carroll Director Farm Fantastic stoked at the first day Of Farm Fantastic 2017, and he explains the warm sunny days will be sensational over the weekend.

Bob says bring comfortable shoes put sunscreen on and hat, bring the whole family to experience a brilliant setup at the Caboolture Showgrounds.

Destination food has been a real hit with the Two Old Ducks and cooking displays

The Equine display with a one hour presentation with Michael, it was noted people hung on every word and did not leave their seats

Working Dogs have also been featured with practical hands on advice for people watching.

Bob Carrol is pleased with the turnout on Friday with a huge number of people coming to see day one of Farm Fantastic with large numbers that have come from Farms looking for product like Tractors .

The New Release Kubota Tractor has been a real hit with people having to scratch their heads guessing its weight, Bob explains with a laugh  "no one knows how much fuel he has put in it"

The Land Rover Display has been sensational and if you thought a thrill ride at a show would get people creaming with excitement, you should see the Land Rover going up the almost vertical ramp up the air

For Saturday and Sunday Farm Fantastic is open to the public from 8:30 to 4 pm which is so popular, following comments from last years event.  Lots of Off street parking and its free, plus there is the hourly free shuttle bus from King Street and Caboolture Station info on buses available from the Farm Fantastic Website or Translink.

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