St Pauls Year 2 Historians enthusiastic about Caboolture's past

For one day Year 2 students were historians, up close where many local treasures can be found and they began searching for signs of the past when visiting Caboolture Historical Village.

They firstly had the opportunity to be part of a morning school assembly where they sung the national anthem from the past ‘God Save the King’ and stood in long lines.

Then marching off to other activities which included gem fossicking, learning about old machinery, how hard it was to do the washing in the past, as well as traveling on a train through the village.

The students were very surprised when we were held up by bushrangers! They were nice though, giving them 7 pounds each!  along with an opportunity, after lunch, to discover the village themselves.

Of the many delights were an old telephone box, the morse code keyer and radio equipment, old televisions and radios, along with a whole room of typewriters from the past!

The year 2 students also were  able to walk through some homesteads, on viewing old kitchens, dining and lounge rooms, even meatsafes and ice- boxes too could be seen !

The students were thrilled to see so much history in their own back yard and are looking forward to researching some items from the past and opening our own museum for our community to come and visit!

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