Rick Williams on new Puppy Registration laws on 101.5 2017-05-21

Rick williams fully supports the new laws covering puppies in the state of Queensland and as of now the owner of any dog that has a litter will have to register the puppies as Queensland’s new Dog Breeder Register goes live to help stamp out unethical puppy farms.

Acting Agriculture Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said the register would help locate those who profit from cruel dog breeding factories.

“In Opposition we said we would act to stop the suffering of dogs trapped in puppy farms,” the Minister said.

“We are delivering on the promise we made to work with ethical breeders and animal welfare groups to help get rid of rogue operators.

“Every puppy born after today and offered for sale will require a supply number which will also be included in their microchip information. This will provide lifetime traceability of the origin of the dog.” the Minister said.

“We are urging all those seeking to acquire a puppy – either from a pet shop, from a professional kennel, or through an advertisement to make sure they only accept dogs with a supply number.

“The aim is to force those who profit from cruelty to either clean up their act or stop operating because Queenslanders want to know that their puppy has been bred with appropriate care in good conditions.

“Those who seek to avoid scrutiny will be frozen out of the market, but no breeder who cares properly for their dogs has anything to fear.”

Minister Lynham said over time the register would enable the authorities to trace breeders, inspect properties and ensure conditions meet acceptable animal welfare standards.

Registering for a supply number is quick, easy and free. From tomorrow, breeders will need to log their details on the new Queensland Dog Breeder Register within 28 days of their puppies being born.

The supply number can then be used to find information about the breeder using the new online Queensland Dog Breeder Register.

“The new register will give people and families buying pets more information about the pet’s background so they know they are buying from a registered breeder,” the Minister said.

“The new laws will apply to regular and occasional breeders (including backyard litters) – with specific exemptions for some working dogs.

“Implementing compliance with the new laws involves a partnership between local councils, Biosecurity Queensland and the RSPCA Queensland.”

Anyone with a dog that has a litter after midnight tonight should visit www.qdbr.daf.qld.gov.au or call 13 25 23 to register, even if it is an accidental litter and they intend to give the dogs away.

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