Cheryl Talent the President of Eczema Association of Australasia on Morning Magazine 10-05-2017

President of Eczema Association of Australasia Cheryl Talent talked about the statistics of people with Eczema. The Statistics show that over 1 million people in Australia have Eczema which is 1 in 24 people.

The key factor's for people having an Eczema is it is genetic and based on where we live. Statistics also show that Australia has the 3rd highest population in terms of Eczema and hay fever.

Cheryl goes onto to talk about management options to help people with Eczema like using soap free products and using moisturiser. Maintaining your skin clean and healthy is the most important management option when having Eczema.

People who suffer from Eczema can see a dermatologist to find the best health care regime for the skin and health.

Cheryl also talks about adults having Eczema when they are young but a recurrence can happen if a stressful scenario can happen when they become older.

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