Ursula Starkovsky talked about what Chamber of Commerce for Glasshouse has been up to.

The Chamber Of Commerce have started an inquiry for the Community of Glasshouse to see if The Chamber Of Commerce can improve on the situation that a lot of people are facing with the NBN. Ursula goes on to say that a lot of people are facing the same problem with their internet service providers, people can write into the Chamber of Commerce and say what problems they are dealing with.

There has been a meeting held between Chamber of Commerce of Glasshouse and their federal politician Andrew Wallace. Ursula said that Andrew Wallace is very aware of the situation that has happened since the release of the NBN. Ursula said that the information that will be collected from this inquiry will be collected and passed onto Andrew Wallace.

If you would like to contact Ursula you can by emailing her at info@glasshousecountrychamber.com.au

You can also visit here for more information https://www.cciq.com.au/membership/find-a-local-chamber/view/glasshouse-country-chamber-of-commerce


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