Ken Bradely from Crime Stoppers spoke about what Crime Stoppers have been up to and how you can protect your cars so they can not be stolen because people who own Holden cars have been targeted by thieves and have been stolen.

Ken also spoke about where Crime Stoppers had their latest event, which was at Bunnings Morayfield, he went on to speak about how many turned out to buy food, drinks and help support Crime Stoppers, the next event Crime Stoppers are located at is the Bribie Island Shopping Center raising awareness for Crime Stoppers that event will be on the 13th of April.

Ken went on to speak about how cars are being stolen because owners are not locking their vehicles and the thieves are targeting Holden owners, so if you own a Holden make sure you lock your vehicles, houses and keep your belongings safe.

If you see something that seems odd or suspicious don't be hesitant call the police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or you can visit their website at  



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