Free legal help for Queensland flood and cyclone victims

Residents in flood and cyclone-affected areas across Queensland can access free legal information and advice relevant to their circumstances from Legal Aid Queensland.
“People affected by natural disasters often have a range of legal issues to deal with such as property or car damage, insurance, tenancy issues, debt, employment and access to electricity and other services damaged by floods and cyclones,“ Legal Aid Queensland Chief Executive Officer Anthony Reilly said.
“People can contact Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 650 143 (for the cost of a local call from a landline in Australia) to get free legal information and advice, or to be referred to another organisation who can help with their problem.”
Flood and cyclone victims can also access free factsheets and resources on the Flood and Cyclone Legal Help website, including a guide to help people with their insurance claims.
To access Legal Aid Queensland’s flood and cyclone legal information and advice services call 1300 650 143 or visit

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