Tony Harrold participates in the Worlds greatest Shave live at the Hub Saturday 18th March on 101.5 2017-03-14

Tony Harrold is passionate about being part of the World's greatest shave originally from the UK, Caboolture and Australia has been his home for decades.

Following on from family passing as a result of cancer, has spurned his passion and interest in making a community difference.

Tony says over 20,000 Australians sign on to take part in the Leukæmia Foundation Worlds Greatest Shave every year and in Caboolture like so many other places around the nation people will be either be getting the great hair cut, a shave or a colouring of their hair.

Mr Harrold says that every two hours some one loses their life to cancer, 500 dollars gives a regional family a place to stay close to the treating hospital for a week, 120 dollars offers a person towards transport for chemotherapy

Every dollar raised helps some one somewhere to get their lives back on track and on a path to living longer productive lives or helps in finding a cure.

Most of all its about awareness we all can play a role in joining together and helping others.

This saturday 18th March at the hub there will be a sausage sizzle  with hairdressers on hand to do their magic starting at 10 am through to 2 pm.

Late development the organised hairdresser is unable to attend do to a situation beyond their control, so a callout for hairdressers who would like to jump in on the day  to please call this station on 5495 1015 and we will pass on details to the organisers. Without a hairdresser this event can not go on as scheduled.

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