SunnyKids CEO Chris Turner talks on a new Caboolture initiative on 101.5 2017-03-22

CEO and Founder of SunnyKids Chris Turner talks about a new safety net for kids in Caboolture schools most in need often no fault of their own and a path way for stressed parents that help is not far away.

Mr Turner is from Caboolture and is passionate about what can be offered.

SunnyKids believes everyone deserves a fair go; therefore we work tirelessly to break intergenerational cycles of poverty and disadvantage. Too many kids today simply aren’t getting a realistic chance to be the best that they can be. The Sunshine Coast community alone identifies 5,000 at risk children every year. In response SunnyKids provides thousands of nights of emergency accommodation, and we partner with health, education and child protection agencies to keep these kids safe.

Our Vision is: "A society in which everyone feels safe, belongs and has a chance to reach their full potential." 

And our mission to achieve this is: “To work with children, families and communities to help everyone take responsibility for the future”. 

Ultimately we work everyday to help those that need our support with the belief that:

Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their circumstance.

Capable children are the foundation of a capable and prosperous society.

Every community problem has a community-based solution.

The Sunny Kids story 

‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

Innovation has driven SunnyKids evolution from a single site emergency accommodation service into a nationwide provider of  award-winning support services and education programmes. Today we partner with the government, community and private sectors to deliver homelessness services; prevention and early intervention in schools, family reunification and preservation services and literacy and resilience building programmes. Importantly, our innovation and growth has been driven by our real world experiences of walking alongside the neglected and abused, which has created a heartfelt desire to build villages that truly can come together to ‘raise the children’.

Our practice model, known as the SunnyKids Virtual Village incorporates children, young people and families in a broad based partnership with government, private and community sector stake holders. 

The ‘SunnyKids Virtual Village’ uses five key areas to identify and secure the support that at risk children, young people and families need in order to be their best. 

 Success in Education

 Good Health Care

 Safe and Nurturing Relationships

 Economic Stability 

Cultural Connectedness

SunnyKids website is found here

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