Today Annette Long chats exclusively to CSIRO Professor Grant Brinkworth on the CSIRO Low carb diet as part of the Total Wellbeing diet series.

His book is well received and gaining the attention in the media.

The CSIRO has caused a stir by upending the traditional food pyramid and recommending a diet of 60 per cent fat – the healthy unsaturated kind found in avocado, seeds, fish and nuts – and a measly 50 to 70 grams of carbohydrates a day.

The genius of the high-fat content is, essentially, keeping tummies full longer – thereby keeping blood glucose levels stable, and controlling appetite so we don’t overeat. Something for everybody.

But the real story behind the radical low-carb, higher protein and high-fat diet – described as “life-changing” and “ground breaking” – is that is was initially designed for type-2 diabetes patients. And it has been a great success.

Under study conditions, over an intensive two-year period, test subjects with type-2 diabetes enjoyed an average 10 per cent loss of body weight, a 40 per cent drop in the use of medications and greater stability in blood glucose levels.

Associate Professor Grant Brinkworth, a principal research scientist at the CSIRO who led the study, said that some of the 115 participants managed to cease their medications altogether, and many described the study as “life-changing”.

Annette also  discusses Chilli where its used in the world and where it isnt along with a brief history and finally a look in to Controlled Food Production and while on the plus side there is sustainability, reliability and protection of the big sorms but it also comes with a few negatives  the pro's and cons are weighted up in today program

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