The Hon. Mark Ryan Updates us on Report a Drug Dealer, extended shopping hours and Translink report on 101.5fm 2017-02-13

The Hon. Mark Ryan Updates us on Report a Drug Dealer, extended shopping hours and Translink report

Report a Drug Dealer – new tool to help police in war on drugs

A new reporting tool to help police tackle the supply and distribution of ice in the community has been released today.

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to targeting crime in Queensland and will continue to broaden its focus from Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs to all aspects of major and organised crime, including those who produce and distribute dangerous drugs within our community,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said.

“The Queensland Police Service (QPS) does a tremendous job in this area, but cannot achieve this in isolation. With intelligence suggesting the threat posed by organised syndicates is of particular concern, we must ensure we provide police the support they need to win this war.

“In 2015 our Government committed $20 million over four years to allow for the development of strategies, the expansion of capabilities and the formation of systems to tackle this issue both now and into the future. We know drugs are the fuel that keeps organised crime going. It is essential we target the source in order to get the most effective results,” Minister Ryan said.

QPS Community Contact Command Superintendent David Tucker said the community played an integral role in helping police disrupt crime, providing information that could form the foundation of an investigation or the piece of a puzzle that is the obstacle to helping solve a protracted or cold case.

“To ensure the public has the ability to provide this crucial information, the QPS has developed an online reporting tool, specifically focused on information relating to the distribution and possession of ice,” Superintendent Tucker said.

“The online tool not only complements the existing suite of resources available to the public, including Crime Stoppers and Policelink but allows a community who is already online the ability to tell us what they know using a platform they are already familiar with.”

The tool can be anonymous, allowing anyone the opportunity to provide police what they know, but the user can also provide their email address, should they wish to provide further information in future.

“Information provided in the form will be used by police to drive operational responses and target their resources, honing in on those selling these horrendous drugs to our young people,” Superintendent Tucker said.

The online form will be available from and anyone with information is encouraged to hop online and provide details that could help fight dangerous drugs.

Govt working on trading hour reform to boost jobs, end consumer confusion

Extending trading hours for hardware stores and all butcher shops head a raft of changes to be considered by the Palaszczuk Government as part of wide-ranging recommendations from an independent inquiry into trading hours.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the independent review into Queensland’s retail trading hours recommends they be simplified and made more customer friendly to boost jobs and end consumer confusion.

The Government is currently considering the recommendations of the review.

In 2013, the Queensland Competition Authority estimated retail trading hour reforms would provide a net economic benefit of $200 million per annum.

The Premier said the current arrangements where some butchers cannot open on Sunday, when a lot of people enjoy a BBQ, did not pass the common sense test.

“All butcher shops and bulk meat retailers should have their trading arrangements aligned with shops selling fish, fruit and vegetables and takeaway food,” she said.

“The review’s findings made it very clear that the patch-work of over regulation of trading hours no longer suits our modern lifestyles.

“Many customers buying from hardware and building material suppliers want them to open much earlier particularly on weekends.

“It makes sense to get in early and buy your timber and paint supplies especially during our hot summers.”

The proposal is for these stores to be able to open at 6am across south east Queensland on Sunday.

“We must cut needless red-tape and ease the regulatory burden for retailers. Our approach to the review recommendations is to not to force businesses to open longer, but give them the choice to do so,” the Premier said.

Other issues identified by the review included the anomaly that Queenslanders could buy a boat on Sunday, but not a car or a caravan.

The trading hour review, chaired by former Queensland Parliament Speaker John Mickel has recommended broad changes.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the Review found our existing retail trading hours are complex and costly, and they are holding back job opportunities and our economy.

The retail trade sector is the state’s second largest employer with a 255,000 workforce and a $9.9 billion payroll.

“The Review – the first major study of shop trading hours in 20 years – had considered a wide range of submissions from consumers, workers and business owners,” the Minister said.

“No workers will be made to work any additional hours which could result from increased trading hours unless they have voluntarily agreed to do so.” 

Link to trading hours review discussion paper released last year with the list of trading hours


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