Steve Adams says big wins in local cricket puts caboolture on the top of the ladder on 101.5FM 2017-02-13

Steve Adams says big wins in local cricket puts caboolture on the top of the ladder leading in to the finals in March

Around up of the proposed new cricket rules by the ICC  plus updates on the womens cricket, Sheffield shield cricket and international t-20 matches


Bat edges and depths to be limited:

Bat edges of 40mm and bat depths of 67mm (60mm for the depth plus an allowance of 7mm for a possible curve on the face of the bat) to be introduced. If approved, these changes will be implemented into the new code of the Laws of Cricket, which will be introduced on 1 October 2017.

Believe that the balance of the game has tilted too far in the batsman's favour, and that the time has come to limit the sizes of bat edges and depths. A bat gauge will ensure that the new limits are adhered to in the professional game, whilst a moratorium period, allowing players to use their existing bats which may be in breach of the Law, will be allowed in the amateur game. The length of the moratorium will be determined by local governing bodies and may vary for different levels of cricket.

Sending-off to be introduced:

Umpires be given the power to eject cricketers from a game for serious disciplinary breaches these being:

  • threatening an umpire,
  • physically assaulting another player, umpire, official or spectator;
  • any other act of violence on the field of play.

There has been debate about sanctions for lesser offences – including run penalties and sin bins – but not recommended

Law on ball striking a fielder’s worn helmet to change:

Catches and stumpings  permitted after the ball has struck a fielder’s worn helmet. This change for the caught Law would include a ball becoming lodged or trapped in the grille of a fielder’s helmet, in the same way as it is caught if it gets trapped between the wicket-keeper’s pads or in a fielder’s sweater or pocket.

Proposed overhaul in the 3 forms of the game:

  • A Conference-style World Test Championship league in the longest form of the game. With dwindling spectators from the longer format of the game, there have been talks for a long time to bring back the crowd with a World Test Championship.  Proposed to introduce a 9-3 format where the top 9 nations must play one another in Test series over a period of two-years.
  • In the ODI format, there will be 13 teams, who will play within a three-year period, and all nations have to play a minimum of 12 matches. After the end of the three-year period, the top seven teams will qualify directly for the World Cup.
  • In T20, proposed to introduce regional qualification in five different regions, which will determine World T20 slots as well.


  • Law on ball tampering not to be changed
  • Seeking to include T20 in the 2024 Olympic Games

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