Julie Pring spoke about new and upcoming meeting's with Parkinson's Caboolture.

On the 21st of February their will be a charity stall at Morayfield Shopping Center and Another Charity Stall at the end of May, Raffle prizes will also be happening in march when Parkinson's Caboolture have their annual meeting.

Their will be a coordinator's forum for anyone who has any idea's to help the Caboolture Parkinson's Group.

In April World Parkinson's Day is on Tuesday the 11th of April, Parkinson's in come-ration for James Parkinson who recognized Parkinson back in the Early 1900's.

Julie also mentions a couple other s=diseases that are identified along with Parkinson's like: Progressive nuclear palsy, Multisystem atrophy, Lui body dementia and corticobasal degeneration.

If you would like more information about the Caboolture Parkinson's Community you can visit http://parkinsons-qld.org.au/support-groups/

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