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Off And Racing

Drone racing, Off and racing in Caboolture it all started with Kevin Frater when he was looking to find friends to fly his drone with and since wanting to that a year ago, He has since created the Caboolture Area FPV And Park Flyers Facebook page.

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Sign's Of His Discontent

Barry Wilson has started the Facebook group Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Neglected Traffic Signs, With his Facebook page he has posted over 200 photos of sign's being obstructed or faded, Mr Wilson has even contacted about the council to raise awareness about the sign's and how motorized can not see the sign's on the road.

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Share Those Shells

Moreton Bay Regional Council has approved a five-year community lease with aquatic animal health experts and Digs-fish Services, To help restore shellfish reefs and improve water quality in the Pumicestone Passage, Mayor Allan Sutherland has agreed to lease the Ningi Transfer Station, where Digsfish Services plans to set up an oyster shell recycling station.

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Yet another touching tribute to Mason Lee was held on February 18th, Where over 200 people attended a march at the Apex Park in Caboolture, Celebrating 1 year since Mason Lee passed away.

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