Business Professional Women with Trish Springsteen and Annette Densham on Morning Magazine 23-02-2017

Trish Springsteen and Annette Densham spoke about their annual Candle Light Ceremony.

It will be to celebrate today's achievements for women around the world, Each candle lite will be to symbolize each women endeavor for dead acted women all around the world and for each BPW Member, Country and international club.

The Candle Light Ceremony will be held on the 3rd of march starting at 6:30Am at Centenary Lakes Function Center.

Annette Denhsam will be the guest speaker for the Candle Light Ceremony, Annette will be speaking about how club's and individuals can publicize themselves to get across what the club or individual is about.

If you would like more information about the Candle Light Ceremony you can visit here


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