Moreton Bay Regional Council investigating Lyngbya at Red Beach, Bongaree

A spokesperson for Moreton Bay Regional Council said council is investigating reports of Lyngbya (also known as blue-green algae) washed-up at Red Beach area, Bongaree.


“Lyngbya is naturally occurring blue-green algae that appears in Queensland coastal waters particularly when the water is warmer and tidal conditions are right for a bloom to occur,” the spokesperson said.


“Direct contact with Lyngbya in the water or on land can cause skin and eye irritation, so recommends visitors to the beach should avoid contact with algal material.”


Temporary signage will be installed by council at Red Beach to advise beach goers not to come into contact with the Lyngbya.


Council will continue to regularly monitor Red Beach and other locations in the region for algal  blooms.


For more information or to report a Lyngbya sighting, please contact council on 3205 0555

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