Australian duo helps attract world interest in the Woodford Folk Festival

Australia’s very own, Cluster Arts, one of only two businesses in Australia dedicated to assisting and supporting Australian artists, circuses and stage productions to tour and showcase their talents throughout the country and across the world, is delivering Circadia at the Woodford Folk Festival. 

Circadia which is a key entertainment component of the festival, is a tent consisting of cutting edge circus acts and performances.  It is also an active space for visitors to get hands-on circus experience and offers  workshops from some of Australia’s leading circus artists.  International and national artists travel from across the world to perform high quality performances.

 “We are honoured to be involved in delivering such a profile event.  The Woodford Folk Festival is the largest folk festival in the world and one of Australia’s biggest annual cultural events,” Cluster Arts Creative Producer, Kate Malone said today.

“The Circadia tent is a massive part of the Woodford Folk Festival, it sees over 1,500 people move through each day of the festival, either enjoying a show or engaging in circus fun.

“For many, Circadia is the highlight of their festival experience.

“In collaboration with Program Head, Chelsea McGuffin, my role is to project manage set up and delivery of the tent including selection of artists and to oversee all aspects of the tent to ensure the circus department runs smoothly, it’s definitely not a boring job.

“During the festival, I work with all stakeholders to ensure the program runs on time, that artists and audiences are enjoying themselves and that Circadia runs smoothly.

“It’s a huge job, but it’s wonderful!  A big part of my role is the volunteer management.  We have an awesome team of volunteers throughout the festival and I am in charge of recruiting, mentoring and supporting them.   The festival would not happen without volunteers.

 “Circadia is a wonderful part of the festival, beautiful to view and definitely hard to forget.

 “A big highlight for me is seeing emerging artists take the step from performing in a youth circus show to performing independently or as part of a professional company at Woodford.    David Trappes is an example of someone who has performed at Woodford countless times as a young person – and is now debuting his solo show as a professional artist.”

 The Woodford Folk Festival takes places over six days and nights from 27 December to 1 January each year.  Held annually since 1994, it takes place 72 kilometres from Brisbane, Queensland.   More than 2,000 performers and 438 events are programmed featuring local, national and international guests.

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