3 comments on “Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington on Morning Magazine 28-11-2016”

  1. Sir Grant Reply

    What a hypocrite Ms Frecklington and LNP are regarding doing anything to save the environment. Banning plastic bags? This has been suggested and put to Parliament by other political parties for many years now and never supported by the LNP. All of a sudden ‘it’s a great idea’.. The LNP record on land clearing by giving the green light for open slather shows how much they cared about flora and fauna within Queensland. Taking away the rights of people to object to having an environmentally disastrous coal mine next door to your property – so much for caring for people, let alone the environment.

  2. Sir Grant Reply

    Roads? In 2012, one of Ms Frecklingtons pre-election deceitful ‘non-core’ promises was to have the State owned major tourist route to the Bunya Mountains finally sealed instead of being a goat track. The tourism jewel of the Sth Burnett still has sections of corrugated, dangerous gravel road that cause the loss of millions of dollars in revenue and so many accidents within the area.
    Guess we better not mention that she also ‘promised that “There will be NO stage 3 expansion of New hope Coal at Acland under an LNP Government’, yet, somehow that was quickly forgotten and passed as an expansion of Stage 2 shortly after being elected. Of course no harm will come to prime agricultural land, residents or the environment from this coal mine. Nor will there be any impact to the Goodger koala habitat and wildlife/wetland reserve from the proposed Moreton Resources open cut coal mine on the outskirts of Kingaroy that Ms Frecklinton has NEVER totally condemned.

  3. Ben Rankin Reply

    Climate Change deniers, despite the Regional Sector, Frecklingtons Electorate base, have reported 88% of them wanting more effort to tackle climate change, and Frecklingtons record over Coal Mining reliance is evident, and recorded as such. Plastic bags, this is yet another IF we get elected promise of little value from this MP, and nothing more than an attention grab while the ALP Governance has been working on Eastern State agreements for over a year, releasing publicly the ban of single use plastic bags will be done by 2018. Frecklington and the LNP, are showing their inabilities, and the Regional Electorates are jumping ship en masse. Pretty sad when the ALP are looking the better option for the Agricultural Sector, than the LNP ever were….
    Roads, like the terrible Roads throughout the Nanango Electorate, openly an issue within the Sth Burnett. The Frecklington merit on Roads, are a few overtaking lanes, that were poorly located of little benefit and major cost, given the repairs and relaying needed by poor workmanship. Or the huge spend on a few bridges that have questionable merit also, other than attempted increase in truck accessability, not difficult to link to Coal Mines throughout the Nanango Electorate either. Environment my foot.
    Jobs, interesting this Frecklington Deputy Leaner mentions this connected to Mining downturn, as she pushes for more Coal Mines, or in Privately paid for “Rallies”, participates to defend Miners Jobs, the same ones she committed to lose, pre 2012 Election, to ensure Farming and Agriculture votes went her way, over the false No Stage 3 Acland PROMISE then after elected approval given for a revised expansion that still engulfs the Town. Then there is the lack of committment over another proposed Coal Mine, within impact zone of Kingaroy where the MP resides, based her Electorate Office, Family Business exists. Lets not forget the non committal response over yet ANOTHER Coal Mine proposal near the Somerset Dam, Kilcoy. Couldnt guarantee that the Water aquifer wouldnt be affected. Which side is she lying to is the real question. But where are the efforts to create or bring Jobs, other than the dying Mining Industry push Frecklington.
    Even in this interview, addresses the 350 thousand dollar spend to “stabilise” the Fire Tower, whilst stating its “in real danger of collapse”, so please explain how the LNP, and this rapidly endorsed Leadership Team Member, has spent wisely or even viably for not only the Electorate of Nanango, but the State of Qld, let alone being “for” the care of the Environment.
    Or is this yet another Coal is great for humanity moment, or Windfarms and Renewable Energy Production will make you sick and be far too costly, despite the TRUTH showing the very opposite. Perhaps this is a desperate attempt to look better than One Nation given Nanango Electorate, Deb Frecklington has been listed to go to Hansons Party. BOTH have zero record of viability, and Hanson is showing her attitudes by way of supporting the LNP.
    Zero credibility.

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