RACQ's reveals Queensland's commonly misunderstood road rules

The State’s peak motoring body has put drivers on notice to refresh their knowledge, releasing some of the most commonly misunderstood road rules.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said too many Queensland motorists were failing to get the basics correct.

“Most Queenslanders won’t be surprised to see roundabouts, giving way and mobile phone use while driving are on the list. These are some of the most frequent errors we see on the road,” Ms Ritchie said.

“But most of these rules are straight out of driving 101 and many minor crashes are caused by drivers not following some of these very basic road rules.”

Ms Ritchie said ignorance of road rules was not a valid excuse.

“A licence is not a right, it’s a privilege and it’s everyone’s responsibility to know the road rules and to drive accordingly,” she said.

Five commonly misunderstood road rules:

1) Roundabouts: Drivers approaching a roundabout must use their indicators when entering and turning left, right or making a U-turn, but not when travelling straight ahead. When exiting you must always indicate left just before you exit, unless it is not practical to do so

2) Giving Way To Pedestrians: If a driver is turning left or right at an intersection, he or she must give way to any pedestrian crossing the road the driver is entering.

3) Mobile Phones: A mobile phone can only be used while driving in Queensland if it’s being used hands-free, and you are not a learner or P1 licence holder under 25 years old

4) Keeping Left: On multi-lane roads with a speed limit of more than 80km/h and/or where there is a ‘Keep Left Unless Overtaking’ sign displayed, motorists must not drive in the right-hand lane unless overtaking, turning right or making a U-turn, avoiding an obstacle or driving in congested traffic

5) Fog Light Use: A driver is only permitted to use fog lights if driving in fog, mist or other atmospheric conditions that restrict visibility. (Editor: This is dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists traveling to on coming traffic, at intersections  and other road users - with few days with fog in the Caboolture-Morayfield on any given night you will find every single vehicle traveling will have both the lights on high beam and fog lights operating. In the interests of other road users it may be time that police have a road awareness month on this activity).

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