QPS Eyes on the road and our neighbourhoods August 1

The following information relates generally to road related enforcement operations and statistics reported for the Moreton Police District which includes statistics for Redcliffe, Deception Bay, Burpengary, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Woodford, Kilcoy and Moore Police Divisions. The statistics relate to the week ending on July 31, 2016. The information has been compiled by the Deception Bay Road Policing Unit.

Road Fatalities

As of midnight on July 31, the Queensland road toll was 144 fatalities, six more than last week and three more than the same time last year. The Southern Police Region is recorded as having 43 fatalities, eight more than last year.

The Moreton Police District rose to six fatalities for the year after a vehicle veered off the road on Anzac Avenue, Kippa Ring and struck a 71 -year-old female pedestrian. The woman died at the scene of the crash. Investigations are continuing to ascertain how the crash occurred. The District, however is still nine fatality crashes better off than last year.


Ongoing highway saturation enforcement operations have continued in the last week with large contingents of Road Policing staff being rostered to commence at 2am and patrol the highways. These types of operations are scheduled to recur on a number of occasions for the rest of the year.

Officer from Redcliffe Station engaged with Road Policing Officers from deception Bay in some static operations last Thursday. Two sites were selected to conduct vehicle checks, RBT and drug testing.

Traffic Crashes

There were 31 traffic crashes reported in the Moreton District last week, which is three more than the previous week.

The Causes

  • Due care and attention x 6
  • Fail to give way x 7
  • Public Report x 3
  • Follow too close x 2
  • Hit and run x 8
  • Fatigue x 1
  • Dangerous driving x 1
  • Medical condition x 1
  • Further Enquiries x 2

Crash Locations

  • Redcliffe  – 9
  • Deception Bay – 6
  • Burpengary – 2
  • Caboolture – 10
  • Bribie Island – 1
  • Woodford – 0
  • Kilcoy – 3
  • Moore – 0

Disqualified/Unlicensed Driving

Fifty-nine unlicensed/disqualified driver offences were detected during the last week across the district. Of those, eight had their plates seized for seven days, six for 90 days and three vehicles were forfeited.

Offence Locations

  • Redcliffe – 11
  • Deception Bay – 13
  • Burpengary – 9
  • Caboolture – 19
  • Bribie Island – 4
  • Woodford – 2
  • Kilcoy – 1
  • Moore – 2

Drink/ Drug Drivers

Twenty-four drink drivers were detected across the Moreton District. Thirteen drivers were detected driving with specified drugs in their system. Alleged offenders are awaiting prosecution upon the return of results. One of the drivers were detected with alcohol limits allegedly over the high range level of .15%, a further two were required to supply blood specimens due to indicia and a fourth person failed to provide a specimen as required.

On July 28 at 8.16pm, a 40-year–old female was intercepted on Bellini Road, Burpengary after she was observed driving and swerving in the traffic lanes. When questioned, it is alleged that she slurred her words and was difficult to communicate with. The driver alleged she had consumed three glasses of wine. After being returned to the station for a further test, she returned an alleged reading of .31%, six times the legal limit. She is set to appear at Caboolture Court on August 4.

On July 25 at 3.28am, police observed a vehicle driving on Morayfield Road that was serving in the traffic lanes. When intercepted, they observed an 18-year-old female driver. When speaking with here it is alleged she kept falling asleep in front of the officers. It is alleged she made admissions to drug use. Accordingly police arrested the driver on indicia and obtained a blood specimen. She has been charged to appear in Caboolture Court on August 4.

On July 29 at 9.48am police intercepted a 41-year-old male driver on Anzac Avenue in relation to traffic matters. Police observed that he commenced to scull a large bottle of water. When speaking with the driver they were able to detect the smell of liquor and subsequently required a roadside breath test. The driver returned a positive reading and then became agitated. He was returned to Redcliffe Station where he allegedly refused to supply a specimen for analysis. He has been charged accordingly and will appear at Redcliffe Court on August 2.

On July 30 at 10pm, police received a report that driver was slumped across the wheel of a car on the Daguilar Highway at Wamuran. Police attended and located a 35-year-old male who appeared to be asleep at the wheel. When awoken, it is alleged he was incoherent and that he was unable to stand. In view of his condition, QAS was requested to attend ad he was transported to hospital where a blood specimen was take. A date is yet to be set for the matter.

Offence Locations

  Drink Drive     Drug Drive
Redcliffe 4 3
Deception Bay 2 2
Burpengary 9 1
Caboolture 4 5
Bribie Island 3 1
Woodford 1 0
Kilcoy 1 0
Moore 0 1

Speed Camera

Speed camera was operated on 36 occasions across the district in the last week in areas at Redcliffe, Bribie, Caboolture, Deception Bay, Woodford and Kilcoy. Additional operations were also conducted by officers from Road Policing Command.

A deployment on Duffield Rd, Clontarf, detected 74 alleged offences with a high speed recorded of 105 km/hr in the 60 zone. A site on Snook Street detected 129 alleged offences with a high speed recorded at 79km/hr in the 60 zone.

Six deployments at six different sites on the Bruce Highway recorded 32 detections with a high speed of 131km/hr in the 110 zone and 119km/hr in the 100 zone.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

Crime Stoppers is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service.

For all non-urgent police reporting or general police inquiries contact Policelink on 131 444 or Policelink.qld.gov.au 24hrs a day.

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