Federal election 2016; Turnbull points to gay marriage plebiscite at end of year

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says a successful parliamentary vote on marriage equality may be held before the end of the year.

However, he added, the success of a vote on a bill to allow same-sex marriage was contingent on most Australians backing the idea in a plebiscite.

He also said he would not pressure the Coalition party room to vote in favour of the proposal if it got to the floor of parliament.

Mr Turnbull said how politicians responded to a plebiscite was a "matter for them", but he remained confident that if the plebiscite was successful, a parliamentary vote would be too.

He said he believed there was time to hold the plebiscite before the end of the year, and he wanted it "dealt with as soon as possible".

Source: Caboolture news

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