Fishing Hooks not meant to catch people or pooches

Fishing hooks should not be left on the ground with the potential to injure people or animals and yet this is happening here in the Moreton Bay Region.

Look no further then the Sweeney Reserve in the Moreton Bay region which  has become a dumping ground for old fishing hooks, prompting calls for tough consequences for offenders.

Many reports are coming to light  of people stepping on hooks or their faithful canine companions eating hooks which still may have bait attached to them.

Regular visitors at the Petrie reserve, has seen discarded fishing hooks near the banks, and scattered around the park, in the past few weeks.

Last week reports of a dog almost had her lip ripped in half after getting a hook caught in her mouth.

It’s not just about protecting dogs, but the wildlife and children, too, There needs to be some tough consequences for people who don’t pick up after themselves.

Other residents have found hooks discarded at Youngs Crossing, Joyner, and Deep Water Bend, at Bald Hills.

Pelican and Seabird Rescue Inc. president Hammy Forrest urged anglers to take their old hooks and line with them.

Old fishing line can cause big problems for animals, especially birdlife

A piece of fishing line wrapped around a wing often ends in death, and a painful one.

A Moreton Bay Regional Council spokeswoman said anglers who failed to properly dispose of unwanted fishing tackle faced a fine of up to $471 for dangerous litter.

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