Federal Election 2016: Libs to preference Greens last in every seat

The Liberal Party has announced it will preference the Greens below Labor in every seat it contests during the July 2 poll. 

Speaking at a press conference today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the move meant the Liberal Party was putting the nation's interests first. 

"This is a decision I've made in the national interest," Mr Turnbull said.

"The big risk in this election is that we would end up with an unstable, chaotic, Labor-Greens minority Government as we've seen before."

Mr Turnbull said the Greens were dragging Labor to the left and this would mean "higher taxes, more spending and weaker border protection".

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said he was chasing first preferences.

"He (Mr Turnbull) can worry about second and third preference votes - I am worried about the first preference votes," Mr Shorten said.

"I am chasing every first preference I can for the Labor Party." 

The move was flagged earlier today via a press release from the Prime Minister's office. 

"The choice at this election is stark: a continuation of strong, stable majority government with a clear economic plan, or Bill Shorten falling across the line by forming a Labor-Greens-independent minority government," the release read. 

"A Labor-Greens-independent minority government would be a disaster for Australia and a return to the economic chaos of the Gillard-Rudd years.

"It's clear the Greens are dragging Labor to the left - higher taxes, more spending and weaker border protection.

"The Liberal Party stands for a clear economic plan for jobs and growth and we won't compromise that.

"This is the right decision for our country. This is the right call for Australia."

Source: Caboolture News

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