Caboolture and Regional Flooding situation Storms June 18-22, 2016

This is the situation as at 3:20 am 20 June 2016

Firstly we ask everyone if you do not have to travel please stay at home.

Most Rivers are currently stable or falling in level;. reducing from 9 rising to 4

Those Rivers rising are as follows:

Stanley R at Woodford *     2.00am Mon     4.06     rising     2.04 below Bridge
N Pine R at North Pine Dam-2 #     2.37am Mon     36.06     rising     2.44 below Full Supply
Sideling Ck at L Kurwongbah *     2.50am Mon     20.15     rising     0.27 below Spillway
Beachmere #     3.07am Mon     0.55     rising

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