Redcliffe Dolphins fans rejoice return to Dolphin Oval, celebrate a big win

This is what rugby league is all about. Thousands of footy-loving fans spending their Sunday afternoon packed on a hill to watch their team.

It is evidently clear the Redcliffe Peninsula has missed their rugby league.

Deprived of a home game so far in 2016 due to construction of a $12 million stadium, about 3000 piled into Dolphin Oval for the first time this season to watch their homeside go on to thrash rivals Norths Devils 52-10.

Ladies Day is a chance for wives and girlfriends to get together and watch the men in their life compete on the field. They are the support system behind these players who give up so much for training, game days, preparation and recovery.

INTRUST SUPER CUP round 11 Redcliffe Dolphins v Norths Devils at Dolphin oval, Kippa Ring. Pictured is Dolphins player Tyson Andrews. Picture: Chris McCormack.

For some young fans, it is their first time meeting their rugby league idols.

The youngsters are glued to the field hoping to one day play on the same turf. At halftime they get their chance to kick the footy and tackle their mates where the “big boys” play.

They don’t have a favourite player - it’s the whole team they admire. But, for three youngsters hanging over the fence as the second half starts, they now do.

Dolphins prop Tyson Andrews purposely changes his direction while jogging along the sideline to make sure he can high-five each of those little hands outstretched over the fence. Those beaming smiles as they turn around to make sure mum and dad saw what happened - that’s what rugby league is all about. That’s what local rugby league is - and always has been - about.

Just ask the diehard Red and White Suporters or Redcliffe and District Rugby League Old Boys. They are among the first to arrive and last to leave every week.

The first 10 rounds have been hard for the faithful, not feeling as though they have supported their team the way they know how.

A big crowd turned up for the Intrust Super Cup game at Redcliffe - Redcliffe Dolphins V Norths Devils. Picture: Chris McCormack.

But, the applause from the players as the full time siren sounds is dedicated to them. The players look deep into the sea of red and white on the hill and show they appreciate those 3000 people spending their Sunday afternoon on the sideline.

And, as the fans pack up their chair and pick up their rubbish from the sausage sizzle, there is an unspoken vow to be back next week. Because, this is what rugby league is all about - loyalty and passion.

Source: Quest News

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